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Our products are available for a wide range of GM and Ford vehicles, as well as some other makes which use Delphi or Ford alternators.
We do not represent GM, Ford, Delphi, or any other makers.  Our use of those names is only to identify the vehicles our accessories fit.

Our Warranty
We will repair or replace any unit that fails to work as advertised for a period of two years. This does not extend to any other parts outside of the assembly as shipped. Our responsibility is limited to the part we supply only. We are not responsible for any damage to vehicles or persons arising from the use of this part.
We do not cover damage to the unit from abuse, collision or improper connection. On units with installed connectors, your warranty is void if the connectors have been removed or the harness cut.  All units are sealed, with no user servicable parts inside. Your warranty is void if attempts have been made to open the case.

Warranty & Service Instructions
If you need to return our products for service or repair, please call us for shipping instructions.  We will issue an RMA number unique to your item, so that we may better serve you.  Once your unit is in house, it will be inspected & tested before we contact you.  

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