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MLA Modules to fit Ford Cars & Trucks

Our ford module has stood the test of time.  One of the very first units still works perfectly under the hood of our shop pickup.  4 years, 140,000 miles.  From the sizzling Las Vegas desert & 160 degree underhood temperatures, to axle deep in Winnipeg snow. 

   The Ford module is a simple underhood install on Ford vehilces with internally regulated alternators.  If you have an older Ford vehicle with an external regulator we make a module for that as well, please call for information.  Our module will fit the 2G series alternator, but we recomend you replace that unit with the newer 3G due to well known reliability issues with the 2G

   Ford began using the 3G in the early 1990's, and gradually phased in the 4G series in the late 1990's. Finally they phased in the 6G model around 2000.  There is a great deal of overlap within the Ford line, and many model years had a mix of 3G, 4G & 6G series alternators.  Our module is designed to work with virtually all of the internally regulated Ford alternators (2G, 3G, 4G & 6G) used in cars & trucks. If you have a special application or question please call us. 


Typical 3G Alternator

3G's came in many mounting
styles. 4G's hide the regulator
under a black cover. 6G's have
deep cast fins

(click on photo to view full size)


3G Regulator Plug

All G series plugs are similar.
The "A" terminal wire is
spliced for MLA module install

(click on photo to view full size)

Ford modules are not currently available in Pro Series.  The Ford G series regulator has a lot of anticipation built in, and will deliver higher voltages when heavily loaded.  If you need an unusual setpoint, please contact us for a custom module. 

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