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MLA is proud to announce the completion of the voltage control module for the Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep family of vehicles equipped with Nippondenso alternators.

   When Dodge moved the voltage regulator into the Powertrain Control Module or PCM, they made it very difficult to change the charging voltage or curve.  After hundreds of hours of bench testing with various PCM's, as well as thousands of miles of beta testing on vehicles we have the answer.

The MLA Pro Series Module

   We are classifying this module as a Pro Series product because the installation is not as simple as some of the Plug & Charge setups done on other vehicles.  Pro series products should be installed by qualified persons.  In the case of the Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep modules this means removing the underhood fuse block from the mounting base, opening the back of the fuse block & splicing the correct wires.

    Because the module covers so many vehicles, you will need to have a wiring diagram for the actual vehicle it will be installed on to properly identify the wires you will be splicing.   If you do not have a vehicle wiring diagram, or are unsure about disassembling the fuseblock we recomend taking the vehicle to a professional for installation.

   If you have a Dodge or Chrysler vehicle that is an import, check the connector at the alternator. If it has only two (2) wires, this is the module for that vehicle.  Some cars & trucks have a plug, others have two nuts on studs with bolted down connections. If your import has more than two wires in a regulator plug, you will need an import module.  

If you have an older domestic vehicle with a seperate regulator mounted on the firewall, you will need a different module. We manufacture a module for this application as well, please contact us with specfic vehicle details.

Installation pics coming soon!

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Dual Volt Modules
Our Dual Volt system will be available for Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep vehicles in the near future. 

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