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GM has used an internally regulated alternator for a long time. Beginning in the mid 1980's GM introduced the CS series alternators, a real workhorse.  In the late 1990's GM phased in the AD series alternators, with features that support the increasing electronic applications in newer cars.  Our modules will work with both the CS series alternators as well as the AD series units.  

Previously we published an application list.  This has proven to be less than great due to the wide interchangability of GM alternators.  Maintaining the list was a headache for us as well as the customer.  It is far easier to match the application by the actual plug on your alternator. Many aftermarket high output alternators are built on CS144 cases, but are sold to owners of cars originally equipped with AD230 alternators.  If you have a non-stock alternator and are unsure of which module you need, please call us with your specfic information. 

If your plug looks like this:
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You have a CS series alternator. Some people call this a "square" plug, others call it a "dogleg". It has two different sizes of pins.

If your plug looks like this:
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You have an AD series Alternator. Sometimes called a "digital" alternator. The plug is described as 'Flat" or "Double D" or "oval". You should have 4 pins, all the same size.

The CS series alternators were used by GM across all domestic models - Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Cadillac, Chevrolet & GMC.  They are also common retrofits on pre-1988 GM products.  if your car was originally equipped with this alternator, or is a pre 1988 retrofit you will need the CS stand-alone module.

   If your car was originally equipped with an AD series alternator that looks like the one to your right, and your OEM harness still has the plug to mate with that alternator we have a module with plugs that fit both the CS series alternator & AD series harness. If you are unsure about your application, please call us.

The AD series alternator covers many GM platforms, including Hummer. There is actually a crossover alternator, the CS130D.  The 130D series has a plug like the one shown above, but is described in parts lists as a CS alternator.  AD230 & AD244 models are the small & large case respectively.  Both are compatible with the same module should you plan to upgrade later. It is very important to inspect your alternator before ordering. ALL 4 pins must be present in your regulator for proper function.  Use a flashlight & mirror if that is what it takes to actually look in the plug socket on the alternator.

Starting in the 2007 model year, GM began using the DR series alternator in some vehicles which is controlled by the Powertrain Control Module or PCM.  These alternators look similar to the AD244, but have a 2 wire plug. This plug has only 2 pins, no place for any additional pins. 

   Count the possible number of pins in any connector. It is common for GM to use only two of the 4 pins available in an alternator connector.  It is important that the alternator itself have all 4 pins available in the regulator.  If you have a 4 pin regulator and only two wires from the factory harness, that is fine - our module will fit.  

   If you have a late model GM vehicle with the 2 wire plug & PCM contol, we are working on a module for you currently.  The release is expected late 2008, and we will announce it on this site.


Dual alternator modules are available for both types of GM alternators.  if you have purchased one of the many dual alternator brackets on the market, our module will allow you to connect both alternators to the PCM without posting codes or a "Check Engine" light.  Completely Plug & Charge, with genuine Delphi connectors to mate perfectly with your harness & alternators.

Pro Series Dual Volt© Modules for GM
We offer the Pro Series modules for the Ad244 & CS144 alternators as well.  The Pro Series module offers two seperate setpoints for competitiom vehicles & special applications.  Please follow the link below to the Pro series page for more detailed information.

Pro Series Module Page

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