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Currently we are working on several import applications.  Most asian vehicle manufacturers buy alternators from one of 3 major suppliers, so some crossover exists between makes.  The Nippondenso alternator used on a Toyota for example might be the same as a Geo or Isuzu.  Nissan used many Hitach alternators, and Isuzu has used some of the same alternators.

   We have begun by focusing on the largest market share - Toyota. They have used 2 basic styles of alternator for many years, making it simple to cover a wide range of cars & trucks with a few modules.

   We will be adding other Asian Imports as we can.  Honda continues to use the LRC module in their cars, which limits what we can do with the Honda system.  At this point your best choice for a Honda is to add a second alternator.  Please feel free to contact us with other Import needs. The only way we know where to focus our research time is from your feedback.

If your Toyota Alternator plug looks like this:
(click on picture for full size view)


If your Toyota alternator plug looks like this:
(Click on the pictures for full size view)


You will need the Toyota module for the "Round Plug". This was used on older Toyota models, and sometimes the wires are very discolored inside the harness. Be sure when making connections that you have properly identified the wire.

You will need the Toyota module for the "Oval Plug". This plug is used on newer Toyota models, and has much smaller gauge wire than the old plug.

Many Asian cars use a variant of the old round plug Nippondenso alternator. If you have a vehicle with this type of plug that is not a Toyota, please contact us so we can be sure you get the right unit.  Some Dodge imports have a round plug, but it only has 2 wires in it.  Any Dodge / Chrysler with this round, 2 wire plug must use the Dodge module, not the Toyota module.  See the Dodge page here at MLA for more information.

For asian imports equipped with Mitsubishi alternators, please contact us for a specfic make & model fit.  It is always helpful to provide a picture of the actual alternator / regulator plug as well.

For European imports, we will need the Year / Make / Model / Engine size information to determine if we can make a module for your needs.

Pro Series Dual Volt© Modules
Pro series modules are available as a special order item for some asian cars. Please contact us with specfic vehicle information.  For more information on the Pro Series modules, visit the link below.

Pro Series Modules 

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