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Multiple Alternator Modules

MLA Modules for multiple alternator installations

We manufacture a full line of control modules for multiple alternator installations. Dual modules are generally off-the-shelf items, and are listed on the various manufacturer pages on this website.

   For 3, 4 or more alternators, or mixed systems we can accomodate almost any internal regulator alternator.   we have done mixed systems with both CS & AD series GM alternators on the same engine.  We have done other systems where customers have added Ford 3G alternators to GM vehicles as secondary charging systems.

   We have several 4 alternator modules operating in customer vehicles currently.  Steve Meade is currently running FOUR 300+ amp alternators from one of our modules.  On late model GM products, the computer will post codes & sometimes turn on the "Check Engine Light" if you simply parallel wire additional alternators. Our modules stop this from happening, and still allow the computer to have shutdown authority for the alternators.

   Due to the wide variety of multiple alternator installations & customer needs, the multiple alternator modules are fabricated to order for each customer.  Usually a 10 working day lead time, depending on workload and system requirements.  We welcome your special requests, please call us with your specfic needs.

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