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Pro Series Modules

Professional Series Modules
For competition vehicles and special applications

Pro Series modules are designed fo applications outside the needs of the average vehicle.  Special high voltage setpoints, switchable voltages and other special features set them apart.  Pro Series units may require a higher skill level for installation.  It may be necessary to have the complete electrical schematic for your vehicle, as well as basic test equipment for installation.

   If you have purchased a Pro series product, and are unsure about installation we suggest you contact a professional for installation of the unit. 

The Dual Volt© Switchable Voltage module.

The switchabe module offers two charging curves.  One is a slightly elevated curve, with charging voltages in the 14.7 volt range @ 90f. The second setting is .6 volts higher - 15.3 volts under the same conditions.  The lower setting is great for a daily driver that competes on weekends, or that long trip to the next car show.  The higher setting is great for quick charging between rounds, or during competition if the rules allow it.  The higher setting is also good for equalizing large battery banks, which should be done regularly.

Custom high setpoint module

Special setpoint voltages for applications requiring voltages above 15 volts. We can adjust the charging curve to provide peak voltages above 15 as well as higher midpoint voltages.  None of our modules charge at a fixed voltage, your actual charging voltage will depend on temperature and load.

Other Custom Features
Additional features like stand-alone operation, unique plugs, remote shutdown, etc. are available in the Pro Series line.  Please contact us for details.

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