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Voltage Modules

Our line of Voltage Control Modules

We offer a broad line of voltage control modules to fit many makes and models. Please click on the links below to go to the page for that make.

Ford Modules
To fit most Ford "G" series alternator applications in domestic & some import vehicles. This includes some Mazda products equipped with Ford alternators.

General Motors GM family of cars & trucks
We cover most domestic GM production from the 1980's foreward.  Some captive GM imports are covered in our Import line of modules.

Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep  Vehicles
Dodge led the way in the 1960's with electronic regulation. In the 1990's they moved the voltage regulation into the engine computer or PCM - again the first to do so.  We offer modules for most Dodge / Chrysler / Jeep applications with PCM regulation, as well as a module to fit the older vehicles with an external regulator.

Import Applications
We are offering modules with some import coverage.  Many asian vehicles are covered, but currently we are not making a module for Honda cars.

Multiple Alternator Applications
We make modules for multiple alternator applications.  Gone is the annoying "Check engine" lamp or message when runnign multiple alternators. We can offer mixed system compatibility as well.

Pro Series and Dual Volt© Modules
We offer pro series modules to fit several of the vehicle classes listed above.  The Dual Volt module offers a switchable setpoint for specialized applications.

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